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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fun With Chalkboards

I've always had a thing for rustic charm or what some might call, shabby chic. There's so many ways to describe it, but you know what I mean, right? The fun, pretty, yet kind of random stuff that's popular at weddings today. Stuff like vintage furniture and mason jars, stuff like, let's say, chalkboards! 

Chalkboards are one of the things on my to do list I've been most excited about. It's a project I wanted to undertake long before the wedding - who doesn't want a chalkboard in their kitchen (hello, for recipes, grocery list, or just general commentary!), and all along, I never knew the wide variety of uses for chalkboards at weddings. Such uses as:

Displaying the menu:

Taking the place of escort cards:

For Table Numbers (this is DIY, btw, check out the source for more info):


Random decor awesomeness:

And the most obvious use - photobooth props for messages from your guest:

Well, during my many trips to AC Moore for Save the Date supplies, I tried picking up a few things on my big to do list. I searched the aisles for spray paint that turns any surface into a chalkboard. Am I crazy? Did this stuff really exist?

Yes, it does and it's only $6.99.

Breaking from my other big project, I tore apart an old frame. I pulled the center piece out and walked outside. I shook the bottle, skimmed the directions, and started spraying. I guess I should note that I laid the wooden piece from the frame in the grass first.
Would you know this is the easiest project ever?
  • Spray on one coat
  • Spray on another coat
  • Let the board dry
  • Volia! It's a chalkboard

It was really that easy!

Are you using chalkboards at your wedding?

Have you considered making them?


Truly Engaging said...

Chalkboards are so charming and irresistible. Fun ideas here! Congrats on the move btw Sara... lovely.

Dancy said...

So cute. I LOVE chalkboard paint. It's so easy to use. There was this really ugly wainscoting in the kitchen when I moved into our apt and I painted over it with chalkboard paint. All my friends kids love coming to our place where they can "write on the kitchen" LOL

Nicole-Lynn said...

Very cute! The chalboards are very popular right now!


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