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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Beautiful Pictures: How Much Are They Worth?

We met with our planner this weekend and had a long talk about chivari chairs. At first, I'll admit - I felt like her and Mr. B were ganging up on me; saying things like "do we really need these chairs?" and "we really can't afford these chairs." Pavaune even tried the ole "can you even see the chair I'm sitting in right now?" I could so that didn't work! What did was the realization that my obsession comes from a very deep desire to have beautiful pictures.

Finally, the light bulb went off when one of them said, "You're going to spend $700 for a few pictures." That really struck me because we're already paying quite a bit for beautiful pictures. We splurged to hire an amazing photographer and it's so hard to justify (or find the money for) another splurge; again, having to do with the pictures
So, I finally got it. I finally started to let go. Finally started to say goodbye to my beloved chivari chairs. All until I came across this picture and my heart sank! A tear might as well rolled down my cheek. How gorgeous?

Wedding Chair signs MR. and MRS. or  BRIDE AND GROOM  ...6 in.  X 12 inches.. Can be done with JUST MARRIED or THANK YOU and in your wedding colors.

The pink and green, which are our colors really caught my attention, but it's the chairs in this picture that I adore. How freakin gorgeous? I LOVE this look. It's SO elegant. It's SO regal. SO perfect for our venue... but NOT for our budget.

Sigh :(

I'm sorry to bring this up yet again, but just when I thought I was over it, I fell right back in the trap. Beautiful pictures. How much are they really worth? What are you having a heard time getting over that you can't afford to have at your wedding? How did you ultimately give it up?


jacin {lovely little details} said...

i too had to let go of chiavari chairs and it was perfectly fine :)

as for photography, that was very important to us so we saved room in the budget for it!

Souleigh said...

The size. I had to give up more then 50% of my guest list. That was hard. I always dreamed of a huge wedding but those dreams didn't include the huge price tag. So my list staggering over 300 was cut to 150 and now to 85/90.

And what really sucks is that I know another couple that is having the "300" count huge wedding at our same venue 2 weeks later then ours that we are invited to.

Talk about rub in my dream w/ some other bride?
Yup...that's me!

Sorry if I sound selfish or I'm using this as my sounding board but since you brought it up....


Jenna said...

You have so many beautiful details incorporated into your wedding, I'm sure you'll have tons of gorgeous pictures!!

Although I do feel your pain! There are quite a few beautiful extras we'd like but we're going to have to give up (fancy place settings, photobooths, etc.). It's tough (esp when there are so many awesome inspiration photos on the internet) but I try to stay positive and focus on all the fabulous details we do have :)

Nicole-Lynn said...

I love those chairs but agree they're too expensive. We had to give up a stage for our band. We found out our dance floor was too small for there to be a stage and it'd take up too much room, also the cost.. so our band will be on the floor with the speakers raised I believe. It should still be nice but it's one of thoese "wants" that we're not able to get.

Nicole-Lynn said...

And yes, you are going to have a gorgeous wedding!! Nobody will notice chairs :)

Monique @Oh Darling Bride said...

Hi Sara, I hear you! There are so many gorgeous things I’d do if my budget was limitless… but there is a definite limit. I’ve also had to let go.
I think looking at lots of wedding blogs does have some dangers and as enjoyable as it is, sometimes we have to say “Well good for them!” and continue planning a wedding that will be lovely without putting the debt.
It’s also good to remember that all the pretty d├ęcor pictures, as lovely as they are, probably won’t be framed and mounted on your wall. Rather spend more on your dress, hair, make-up and his suit so that you have couple shots you will cherish all your years together.

Dancy said...

I got over the chiavari chairs as soon as I realized they were $5 each (x235 people? Yikes!). Are the chairs that your venue has (even though they're not chiavari) still nice? If they are, or you can enhance them in some inexpensive way, then I say go with what's provided.

With that said - my venue was supposed to provide (for free, in the contract) pretty,,cushioned white wooden garden chairs and instead we had gross ugly generic padded hotel chairs. If I was mega-bridezilla, I would've made them change out all the chairs during our cocktail hour, but I let it go. Pass on the chiavaris but see what your other options are. I'm not going to lie to you, I notice those ugly chairs in the background of every picture from the dance floor.


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