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Friday, February 24, 2012

Dreamy Decor: An All White New York Apartment

Hey all! I know it's Friday night and most of you aren't online, but I am! I'm sorting through posts and drafting away :-) Finally... getting caught up!

Anyway, you know my obsession with white interiors... Well, the all-white interior of this home is KILLING ME IT'S SO GORGEOUS. I know I go ape over a lot of pretty rooms, but this is different; I'm obsessed with the ENTIRE home! Ahem. Excuse me. This is an APARTMENT IN NEW YORK CITY! What??

And I thought I needed a house to get down with the decorating. Grr. Obviously not!

Anyway, this is EXACTLY how I would like to design our home! I love that it's a little country, but still chic. It's got a lot vintage pieces, but very modern amenities. It's comfortable, cozy, and so charming!

Oh, be still my beating heart!

This is just a snippet of the montage. See the rest here.







Seriously what?

Can I live here?


Or at least, model my home after this one?

I just love it...

Check out the bedroom y'all.




Serene + beautiful. Just how a bedroom should feel!

Even the bathroom is pretty...


I think what "works" here is the consistency throughout: the white, the ruffles, the ivory furniture. I also think all the white gives it a more updated feel. What are your thoughts?

Do you love this home as much as me?

What do you think works about it?

*All photos from :: to see more of these photos go here ::


Mrs. Pancakes said...

these are soo pretty but seriously i could not do a white all over all the time. i think it would drive me bananas!

Nicole-Lynn said...

Wow, what a stunning place! Love the litte nook for books and entertaining pieces!


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