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Friday, April 20, 2012

Letter From the Heart :: Vol 1 :: Daily Maintenance

Today's usually a Friday Faves post but I'd like to try something different. I haven't been completely happy with the content on this blog - it seems scattered - and walking to the metro this morning, something dawned on me: Letters from the Heart, why did you name your blog that?

I named it that because I wanted to move beyond the wedding talk and all the superficial posts about my life, decorating our home, DIY projects, etc and create a place for authentic, thought-provoking writing that got into the heavy stuff of marriage, God, and self love. Today I'm beginning a REAL letter from the heart that touches on a bit of all of these issues. Here it goes.


About 4 years ago, Aaron and I came up with the phrase "daily maintenance," to describe the tasks we needed to accomplish everyday to have inner peace and outer sanity, among them included things like, writing, working out, and spending time in thoughtful prayer.

A year after we developed the idea, in 2009, we we got engaged and since then, life has been a whirlwind and daily maintenance is practically a joke. We'll often say we're not getting our daily maintenance, but we don't do anything about it. We used to hold each other accountable, checking off everything at the end of the day, praying for more discipline to accomplish the tasks, but life became too busy and our small list of feel-good activities seemed more and more impossible to achieve...

Earlier this week, I was beating myself up especially hard for not doing my daily maintenance. I've been feeling down, upset at myself for not getting to the gym or spending any time in the Word, and then I read this post from Gina Zeidler and it about knocked me over! I'm always inspired by Gina's writing, but this was different - the mere title of the post hit me :: MUSTS ::

See, the funny thing about daily maintenance is that it won't go away. It's not a maybe thing, it's a MUST and you can't just ignore it. You need it, and eventually it will come knocking on your door (in my case, banging) for some attention.

Yesterday, my lack of maintenance caught up with me. I was dreading the weekend, which of course, I filled to the brim -- with no time for me scheduled -- and I cried. Hard.

Upset, I began to journal and this came out:

I need my daily maintenance. My DAILY must-haves. They are very simple, but yet, they seem impossible to do. Everything else comes first or I'm just too lazy to take the time.

STOP Sara. Take the time. Take the time to take care of yourself -- that is your biggest fear -- that you will fail at the most important task in this life: taking care of YOU. You'll be so caught up in the needs of others and be busy being busy, you won't put yourself first. STOP. Take the time. You must.

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This morning, I decided it's a new day! I would make the maintenance happen. I would write out my to do list, do the action steps, and cut myself some slack.

So, that's exactly what I did and low-and-behold, I feel brand new :)

In the process, I came across this other note I wrote after my Making Things Happen experience. It sums up my mainenance pretty well:
*Yes *to "me" time. Yes to God time. Yes to going to bed early. To working
out everyday. Yes to eating healthy and meal plans. Yes to rewarding myself.
Yes to spending time with family. Yes to dinners with my mom, not just my
friends. Yes to writing in the form of freelancing, blogging, and
eventually, WRITING A NOVEL. Yes! I said it out loud. Yes to running.
Running a marathon. THIS November. Yes to taking risks. Yes to finishing
these FRIGGIN' thank you notes! Yes to pampering myself. Yes to quiet time.
Yes to church. Yes to hosting bible studies and couple's nights. Yes to
God's word. Yes to dreaming big.

 *No* to beating myself up, stressing myself out, over thinking (especially
dumb things like a new blog name)! No to being unprepared and disorganized.
No to hating my body and my clothes. No to SMOKING (so
embarrassing, but I'm past that now!). No to letting others dictate my
calendar, my life. No to going to bed angry. No to not believing my husband
when he says I'm beautiful. No to skipping prayer in the morning. No to
being bored and lazy at work. No to rushed mornings. No procrastination. No
to friends who drain me. No to comparing my blog to other's blogs. No to
indecision. No to thinking I'm not worth it, sabotaging myself. No to asking
for permission.
Making my maintenance a must paid off in a big way today and I was rewarded looking back at this list and reading all that I have accomplished (i.e. running a marathon); but, it also revealed I have a long ways left to go! To get there, these reminders are essential.


What's on your list of daily maintenance? 

What are your MUSTS?


PS: I know this might be a little much for some of you that visit for the pictures of weddings, etc., but I have no doubt this is the direction I'm supposed to go with Sincerely Sara, and I hope you'll follow along and pour out your heart, too <3

Happy weekend!


Amanda {The Uncrafter} said...

Sara, this is inspiring! I need to make a list of these things for myself. AND start getting a little deeper on my own blog. :)

Souleigh said...

Love this!! You are already practicing daily maintenance just in this blog! Great job! I should make a "yes" and "no" list too! Thank you!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

i love this post Sara....i think mine is definitely to STOP watching too much TV and do more productive things! sounds so simple but just being mindless sometimes feeds some part of my soul which is not always good!

Sara said...

this post is so beautiful and inspiring. I want to say Yes to so many of the same things-- and yet as I write this it's 2 hours past when I told myself I would go to sleep because I told myself I would get up earlier. I realized that I would never make promises to other people...and keep going back on them...Why should I accept less commitment from me to me. I should be the number one person I am there for. Does that make any sense? Thank you for reminding me to keep my own promises. Off to sleep I go!


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