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Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Favorites from Around the Web :: It's Memorial Day!

It's Memorial Day Weekend! Yahoo! Time to break out the shorts and hot pink (or teal!) nail polish!

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It's going to be an awesome weekend and great, great start to summer! Why? Because we're PAINTING our apartment TOMORROW! Double yahoo! I'm pretty sure we're going with Silver Sage by Restoration Hardware. Our place already feels a lot different with all the purging we've been doing, but I have no doubt this light blue paint is really going to bring a calm, softness to the space! You know I'm planning to post before and after pictures here on the blog, right? Have no fear! 

In other news, we're headed to a cookout at Aaron's sister's house this Sunday. She's a great host and cook and I can't wait. Have I mentioned I'm not eating meat? I don't know if it's a phase or what, but so far (it's been about 2 weeks!), I don't miss it!

I'm on chapter six in Fifty Shades of Grey - Ahh! I'm completely smitten with Mr. Grey so far, but I hear I may not always feel that way! We'll see! We were talking about the movie at work and a few of us ladies agreed Chris Hemsworth (aka The Hulk) should play Chrisitan in the movie! Those sultry eyes...... !

Who fits the your "Grey" persona in Hollywood?

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I've been ALL OVER THE WEB this week and this list should be A LOT longer, but here's what I have:

  • I can't believe this DIY chandalier -- Holy Crap! I don't know if I could ever {in a million years} create something so beautiful from wax paper! This chick has a lot of other beautiful DIYs on her blog too! Explore :)

  • The Wedding Pickle has an awesome list of marriage books and blogs for Biblical wives for this week's Love Challenge! I can't wait to dig into these this weekend!

  • How is it that I'm even more obsessed with Pinterest than I was when I first discovered it. IT. IS. A. PROBLEM. Lol. I just hit over 1,000 pins! Are you a follower yet?

  • Oh my gosh! Before I forget........ I found the BEST heathly living/food blog. Check out Pickles & Honey if you get a chance! I made her Crispy Roasted Brussel Sprouts last night and they were OUT OF THIS WORLD DELICIOUS! 

Doing a complete demolition of our apartment and remaking it has me really, really excited about summer! I'm already dreaming of ladies nights and Bible studies happening in our new space, and lots of blogging too, of course!

What are your favorites from around the web? What are you doing this weekend?

PS: I'm thinking about going with this as a color scheme {grey, yellow, & blue}. It's totally different than anything I've ever done before and way different than our current brown-tan-burgandy theme... What do you think? Lots of white accents! 

What other colors go well with light blue walls? Looking forward to your feedback! 

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Souleigh said...

I'm now in the middle of the 2nd "Shades" trilogy. Fifty Shades Darker!!! It gets better my dear!
But I have to say for Anastasia Steele---I would pick Kristen from Twilight to play her. As far as Christian, I'm still up in the air about it. LOL

Good luck with decorating. We are starting on our own home. Freda was up here for Memorial Day Weekend and we went to work choosing prints for the house. I have to have you and Aaron up for a visit soon! At any rate, I'm choosing very warm colors (burnt oranges, soft yellows and warm tans) I love the color teal for walls though! I'm sure yours will come out beautiful!!!

Good Luck!!


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