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Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday Favorites & the Taste of Georgetown

This week flew by! I can't believe it's Friday! Blogger has officially stopped working at work so when I post is going to be totally random until I get into a better routine! I almost forgot to share these fun pictures we took last Saturday when we attended the Taste of Georgetown! It was a beautiful day and although, a bit crowded, definitely a worthy experience! I hope we go again next year! 

I was shocked to see they were giving away *free* Red bull! Those suckers are usually $4 a pop! Believe me, I grabbed one! Aren't these backpacks adorable?


Mmm. Cupcakes! Tons of them!

The one item we waited for the longest (read: in a very long, confusing, hot line) was the Lobster Roll from Georgetown Catering. It was huge and very hearty!

Unfortunately, some of the lobster froze and even though they tried their darnedest to thaw it, both Aaron and I got a really cold bite :(

No worries! Washed it down with Red bull!

My favorite food came from Filomena...

This cake:

IT. WAS. DELICIOUS and oddly, there wasn't a single person in line for it! Jackpot! People kept stopping me as we walked around, though, asking "Where did you get that from?" Gorgeous, I know!

We finished off with this pork sandwich and veggie concoction! It was all great, I must say!

PS: Are you not just loving our camera? I certainly am! I really just love having my own pictures for this blog! I was so glad that we remembered to bring it honestly! 

After the festival, we walked around a little bit. I found my way to H&M and bought a few things for summer. My wardrobe is seriously lacking!

What kinds of events are you going to this summer?

Now for Friday faves! There's just a few:

  • I've been really digging the food/fitness blogs lately. I love Eating Bird Food. It's crazy the author is based in Richmond - so close by! I will definitely continue to read this one! Oh! PS: She's engaged! 

  • Have you been following all the giveaways on the Fitnessista blog?

  • Oh, and I've been cleaning up my Pinterest page! I really love organizing those pins... 

What are your faves from around the web this week? Share!


Tiffany said...

That cake looks amazing!! I have no idea what I'll be up to this summer- I guess I'll just play it by ear! No real plans, so far!


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