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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Introducing my new blog: Fit for a Bride!

Hey friends!
I have some big news to share!
See this --------------------------------------------------------------------->

It's the logo for my new blog
[insert cheesy smile]
Read my introduction post here!

I've hinted at starting a new blog and on Instagram, you may have seen me use the hashtag #fitforabride. Well, after months of planning, I'm FINALLY posting over there!
The new blog is called "Fit for a Bride" but really, it's for any woman interested in living healthier. My passion has always been writing, which is why I blog, but in the last two years (since getting hitched!), I've realized I have a passion for a few other things too! Namely, weddings (not over 'em!) and fitness.
You can read my weight loss story here.

You all know I love wedding blogs, but one thing I've noticed: among the hundred of them out there, NONE focus on health and fitness- it's all about color palettes, flowers, the details and fashion. What about a girl's health? Mental and physical?
That's what Fit for a Bride is about. It's gonna have some wedding inspiration (I'm all for the pretty!) but it's going to get into what's going on in our minds and with our bodies!

 I'm really excited about the idea and I've been working on the content for awhile. I want to collaborate with other bloggers as much as possible, so if you're interested in guest posting or sharing your story, or nominating someone you know: comment!
Thanks for following my journey here on Sincerely Sara! Olive Weddings, the Butterfly Cottage, they've all been leading up to this! I'm not going to stop blogging here, but the posts will be more personal, like my Letters from the Heart posts, and they'll be less frequent.
Happy Thursday guys!


Cece said...

How exciting that you have parlayed two things you love into a brand new blog. It looks great!


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