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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Chic Offices with Inspiration Walls, Lots of Black & White, and Blush Pink Accents

Hey guys!

It's been forever, huh? Sorry, Fit for a Bride has kept me busy! I hope you've been following all the fitness/motivation/weight loss/wedding fun! I'm having a blast with it!

Anyway, it looks like the mister and I are going to be moving! We're staying in Northern Virginia but it's time to say goodbye to our recently re-done apartment! I'm not really sad, though! I'm excited to spruce up a new space!

I'm most looking forward to designing a studio for myself. This next year, I want to take my creativity to the next level with more painting, blogging, design and DIY, and I need a special place to make the magic happen, ya know? A place where I can be inspired!

I've been pinning my little heart out with ideas...

Here's some of my favorite workplaces and a little note on what I love about each one!

Pinned Image
Love this:
Crystal Lamp / Pale Pink Flowers / Black & White / Gold Accent / Candle 
Love this:
Chair / Glass top / Light Pink Flowers / Funky Lamp
Love this:
 Ghost Chair / Funky Lamp / Glass Top / Black & White Accents
Love this:
 Sheepskin / Fresh Flowers / Gold Accent / Natural Light
Love this:
Pink Accents / Gold Lamp / Lots of White / Texture Baskets
Love this:
 Prints / White Frames / Gold Accents
Accents I love:
Pink Flowers / Gold Vase / Tray / Coffee Table Books



Morgan said...

I love all of your inspiration! So light and airy, but still organized. Can't wait to see it evolve in your new place!


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